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Artistry That Changes Lives

YES! This really CAN be YOU!

Year after year, breast augmentation is the most popular female surgical procedure in the U.S.

If you aren’t pleased with what nature gave you, then you can change your life!

More importantly, you can change how you feel about yourself,
and uncover the strong, beautiful, confident, independent woman that rests within you.

Our patients constantly tell us how they not only feel fantastic about how they look, but when they feel more beautiful, they also notice an increase in their self-confidence, especially their enthusiasm with existing and new relationships.

After Dr. Paul Vanek changes your life, you can be a model for a professional photo shoot by

Dr. Vanek pays for this modeling shoot and for your favorite photo, and with your approval, we may even feature some of your awesome photos on this website!

That’s right, all of these stunningly gorgeous woman are Dr. Vanek’s patients!



Dr. Paul Vanek

As a general and plastic surgeon, Dr. Vanek can perform all types of surgery,
but he has special talent and experience in breast augmentation.
He says that it is his favorite procedure, allowing him opportunities to show his superior artistic skills.
A man of faith and of the earth, he appreciates the exquisite beauty of a woman’s body.
He also thoroughly enjoys when his patients tell him how very thrilled they are with their results.
That’s why they tell their family and friends, with a large number of referrals to new breast augmentation patients who come from all across Ohio and other states.



Hundreds of women who credit Dr. Paul Vanek for changing their lives with a breast augmentation know he is well educated and fully accredited.

Many were excited to learn that he is Double Board Certified. Some doctors performing breast augmentations aren’t even board certified in Plastic Surgery. Dr. Vanek is, and he is also board certified in General Surgery. So he knows how the entire human body functions, from the inside out.



Many patients are excited to learn that I am a Double Board-Certified Surgeon.  I am one of a rare group of physicians in the entire country with the distinction of being board-certified both in plastic surgery and in general surgery.  

Some doctors who perform breast augmentations aren’t even board-certified in plastic surgery, because this certification is voluntary in Ohio.

The process to even obtain one board certification is lengthy and rigorous, so there are doctors, even Plastic Surgeons, who perform plastic surgery without this important certification.

My dual-certification required many years of education and training, completion of two residency programs, and demonstration of my expertise to two different examination boards, including passing extensive written and multiple day oral exams.  

I also must maintain both certifications with ongoing education and assessments, including the latest advancements and demonstrations of best practices relating to ethics, patient safety and communications.

My two certifications, along with my ongoing work as a researcher for the National Institute of Health, mean I fully understand how the entire human body functions, from the inside out.

Don’t you think your doctor needs to have these extensive qualifications?

In addition, I have over 20 years of experience in private practice, driven by an incessant passion to serve my patients.  You will see this for yourself when we meet in our initial consultation.  Along with my Cosmetic Coordinator, Mary Jo, we will listen carefully to learn what you want your results to be.  After we together decide on your most fulfilling and practical strategy, with my thorough understanding of how your body works, I will manipulate your body structures to unlock and reveal your fullest beauty.  Patients have called me a gifted artist and master sculptor of the human body.
I am certainly humbled by their praise, and even prouder of the level of excitement with their results.
You can trust that I will always utilize my extensive scientific training and cutting-edge techniques,
and continuously explore new research for the ultimate fulfillment of your dreams.

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